Friday, September 28, 2007

Looks Good on Paper

So, I haven't posted for a couple weeks, mainly because we haven't made much progress. I hate these weeks of stagnation. But while we wait, why don't I tell you about a cool little service offered by Ikea?
We decided to do an Ikea kitchen, mainly because their prices are incredible. By happy coincidence, the Ikea aesthetic fits nicely with our rather modern tastes -- AND Ikea kitchens have tons of fun features, like drawer dividers for pots and pans, pantries with drawers instead of cabinets and garbage cabinets. Just kind of cool and well designed.
But they also offer this cool service through an outside vendor. For $350 these young designers will lay out your whole kitchen for you. They come and take measurements, then they do these 3-D renderings to show you what the final product will look like. They've been out to measure twice and have been really knowledgable about what Ikea offers and how to make it all fit. I've got to say, I'm impressed!

But don't take my word for it -- take a look at the layouts they produced above. Click on an image to see it really BIG. And there's another service through Ikea, a contractor, who installs the whole thing for $100 per cabinet.
Even with all of this expert help, Jim and I are still facing a decorating connundrum. We need to choose a floor tile, backsplash tile and paint color that match the "warm brown" cabinets and black granite countertop we've chosen. With such a dark-on-dark base, we want something lighter, and maybe with a splash of color. How it hurts to think our indecision could hold up the whole project. My goal -- if I dare say it -- is to have this kitchen done by Thanksgiving. That's the big holiday in our house -- we host it every year and invite both sets of parents. It's a production.
Will we make it? Stay tuned ...


Blogger Happy said...

After talking to custom kitchen builders, Home Depot, European kitchen designers, and months-and-months of watching HGTV, TLC, and DIY Network.... we're going with IKEA for the price, features, and the quickest turnaround time. We used IKEA's software to build our kitchen and took it to IKEA to finalize. For the amount we're spending on the cabinets, delivery and labor, I wouldn't have a problem changing the kitchen every 3-4 years and still spend less than the other choices out there. 3 weeks from purchasing to delivering to having kitchen cabinets. (At least that's what they say.) We'll see. I look forward to reading about your final experience.

October 22, 2007 at 12:50 AM  

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