Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to Windows

I return now to the windows. You saw the before pictures (and can see them again if you just scroll down the page). Now, here are the after pictures with our newly installed Superior vinyl windows in the color Almond:

Lower living room, inside and out:

It was only in looking at these new windows that I realized that the color our house is currently painted is an exact almond. So the window frames don't really pop right now because they're the same color as the house. That will change when we paint the Jewel of Hollywood a deep olive green.

Upper: living room, inside and out:

And finally a look at our new kitchen garden window. For the record, I would like to say something that will probably make my husband very happy:


He told me the bottom of the garden window should be the same height as the counter top. I argued that it was OK, and indeed preferable, for it to be higher than the counter. Now that it is installed, I see he was right. It's so hard for me to bring myself to do this, but I'm going to ask our contractor to lower it. Here it is:


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