Saturday, August 18, 2007

Windows on the World

What an odyssey we have been on, trying to figure out windows for the Jewel of Hollywood. There are so many different brands and types within brands that you almost need a degree in windows to make the decision. Wood vs. wood clad. Vinyl vs. Aluminum. Double pane, triple pane, low E, argon gas-filled. Designer series with shades built into the glass. Casement, single hung, double hung, fixed. Pella, Marvin, Milgard, Andersen. The specifications go on and on.

So, it has taken us six months, but we have finally reached a decision, and a couple of test windows are actually in the house. How happy am I going to be to replace these eyesores?

Surely you've observed that the previous owners had some interesting strategies for dealing with decor dilemmas. (Tear in the wallpaper? Just slap another paper on top of it. Who says they need to match?) One of their more interesting fixes blocked out a few windows around the house. Rather than properly remove an unwanted window, they just painted over it. Case in point, this window in the lower living room. Painted over on the outside, boarded over on the indside.
And then there is the matter of the air conditioner. As painful as it is for us to part with this important appliance, we cannot deny its obscelesence. Since we had central air and heat put into the house, we have no use for this. Pity.

And here is what will replace these two ... what I will loosely call "windows":
Our choice for the entire house, is a Superior Windows vinyl window in the color almond. Vinyl both because it's cheaper and because I like they way they feel when you open and close them. Almond because for some reason most brands only carry vinyl windows in white and almond, and I felt that putting white windows on our house would be like wearing white shoes with an ivory dress. I think the almond coordinates nicely with the gold and tan tones of our two wacky fireplaces. Superior because they were the only ones whose vinyl windows could be made into either single hung, double hung or casement, who also made a custom garden window (more on that as the kitchen progresses).

I'm thrilled with our window choice. I think it's going to make a big visual impact on our house. I'll post again when these first two have been installed.


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