Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stripping for Pleasure

I'm getting impatient with our door situation. When we paid for the interior of the house to be painted, included in the price was the cost for stripping the original Craftsman doorframes around four interior doors. The painters stripped the frames, but there's still a lot of paint left, and also burn marks, where the strippers were a little too aggressive with the heat gun.

We sent all the doors out to a professional to be "dipped and stripped," and they came back much cleaner than our door frames.
Personally, I felt that stripping these frames was necessary for Poppy's safety because of the lead paint that surely lurked below (several) layers of non-lead paint. But now the question is, do I go in with some sand paper and chemical paint stripper on my own to clean these up, or can I get the painters to improve upon the job they've already done, or will it even matter if we put a dark stain over the whole shebang?
The bottom line is I thought stripped down doors and frames would be really lovely. But these look like barf.
(click on the image above to get a really close look)


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