Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One Room Down, Eight to Go

The upstairs bathroom is officially finished. (Well ... basically.) Here is what we did:

We bought the claw-foot tub from the Santa Fe Wrecking Company for $175 and paid to have it re-glazed. The tub we chose was a rusted P.O.S., but they put a gorgeous new finish on it, which I have already damaged by dropping the very heavy drain stopper on its rim. (Ah well, it's only money, right?) Hardware on the tub we ordered over the Internet. It's all Sign of the Crab. (Could that name be more fabulous?) Pedestal sink from Home Depot. Kohler -- nothing special. Tiles from Mission Tile. Hex tiles on the floor, subway tiles for wainscoting, and 4-inch square tiles surrounding the tub from the wainscoting to the ceiling.
The piece de resistance is the toilet. A Toto model which Jim claims is uncloggable. He researched it to the hilt, so he should know.

What you can't see in these photographs is the big mistake. The big mistake is that the plumbers put the tub in without centering it under the window. It kind of makes me long for a tub like the one Brooke has been hauling from house to house. It's a rare 6-foot model, where ours is the standard 5-footer. A 6-foot tub would have really made this bathroom sing.
But as it is, I can't complain. An oval mirror, a couple covers for the outlets, and we'll call this room DONE.


Blogger celia said...

uncloggable? if you really want to make sure of that, i can put it through some rigorous testing.

May 9, 2007 at 5:51 PM  

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