Monday, February 19, 2007

What we saw this weekend

Here is what we saw when we went in 2/18. Only days three after we closed escrow, the plaster was off the walls.

Upstairs, west-facing bedroom.

Upstairs front bedroom
The lower living room. Jim fell in love with the tiles in here -- until we found out they were made of ASBESTOS. I'm hoping to restore these floors to polished concrete.

Lower living room

The "out" sign below means that wall is scheduled for demo.

Upper living room

The man below is Louie, our trusty contractor. He has become a pretty important person in our lives. These walls are pretty interesting. This is the old "lathe and plaster" style of construction. Before there was drywall, this is how it was done.


You can see more of the pictures from 2/18 by clicking here.


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