Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Renovation High

I got the floors of my dreams by sheer luck.
The front part of the The Jewel of Hollywood is built on a concrete slab. The minute I found this out, I started dreaming of polished concrete floors. Lofty, industrial, distressed concrete floors.
And voila. That's what I got. We pulled back the tiles (NOT asbestos, as previously thought) and undereath found a thick layer of black adhesive. So for a while the floors were black, which wasn't terrible, but I wanted concrete! We called on a flooring "expert" who couldn't get the black out. But then our painter, Julio, said he knew how to do the job. It takes serious chemicals to cut through 50 year old adhesive. When the workers showed up to do it, they said, "We're going to get HIGH today!"
Maybe I should have stuck around.