Saturday, June 2, 2007

Crack is Whack

Behold, the crack in our living room wall. This is a new addition to our decor. Didn't photograph too well, but it's definitely there.

We knew from the first walk through that the floors in the house were a bit lumpy and uneven. What can you expect? The house is over 90 years old. It wasn't until we moved the piano and the china cabinet in that we noticed that the center of the house had a noticable slump. When I opened the doors to the china cabinet, they naturally pulled to the right, while the piano looked like it might at any moment slide to the left. (see below - china cabinet on the left, piano on the right.)

We called the wonderful folks at Seismic Safety who restored the rest of the foundation and asked what they could do. Four hydrolic lifts placed under the slump brought the center of the house up a full inch-and-a-half, and left this and a handful of smaller cracks in the walls along the way.

It's hard not to be discouraged when I look at this split. Two steps forward, one step back. But I have to remind myself it's just drywall.

And sanding. And mess.

And money.

OK, so ... maybe I have a reason to feel discouraged.


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