Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Other Man is ... Craig

There is a man in my life, besides my ever-loving husband, Jim.

Yes, I've been having an extra-marital affair with CRAIG. He's my obssession. He occupies my thoughts day and night.

Craig, as in Craigslist, has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster these past few days, but check this out: It's a Craigslist bonanza.

I spent my Wednesday evening on the road to Torrance in pursuit of this magical Craigslist find. It's hardware for our front door (the door we have not yet chosen). After losing the Ugliest Door in America contest, (rigged! the contest is rigged!) I needed to console myself with just the right pretty thing. Some girls buy shoes; I go on Craigslist.

Isn't it spectacular? I bought it from a guy who did a beautiful refurb on an original craftsman. After buying this hardware, he decided to forego stainless and did the whole house in rubbed bronze. His change of heart is my gain. I don't think I could have found door hardware to make me happier if I had shopped retail.

Then there's the range. Our entire kitchen remodel has been held up by the range. Until last night we didn't have one. Killed another evening with a treck up to Calabasis, and now we do. It took three guys plus my husbandly mancake to lift this bad boy off the truck. This 400+-pound Nordic wonder now lies in wait in our garage.

Here's a pic of the guys moving it in.


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