Monday, October 29, 2007

Pssst. Hey, buddy. Wanna buy a china cabinet?

If you've read this blog for a while, you've probably realized that I'm a bit of a Craigslist addict. I've nearly furnished two entire houses all from Craigslist. I buy on it, sell on it, and usually I do pretty well (although my mother has been giving me a run for my money these days. Only this week she unloaded a hideous old chandelier from our house for close to $300. Go mom!)

But even the experienced Craigslister can hit a wall. My wall is this china cabinet. I just can't seem to unload it. The thing is a monster. It's huge. I figure there's got to be a lot of value in just the materials alone. But beyond that, it's beautiful. Maybe my pictures don't do it justice, but it really is. The only problem is that it's a bitch to move.

Anyway, I started posting it at $1000. I've been dropping steadily and am now at $750. At this point, I'm starting to feel like I could give it away. Our kitchen is nearly finished (Does anyone else hear that sound? Is that angels singing?) and I'm kind of ready to feel that space where we tore the wall down. How low do I have to go to unload this beloved monolith?

For the next week at least, here's the ad on Craigslist:
Anybody want to buy a china cabinet?


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